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atelier oï launches atelier oï PRIVÉ Collection Tactile: a limited-edition series of leather artworks highlighting the studio’s strive for material experimentation and their own artisan completion of the production process at their headquarters, the Moïtel.


Collection Tactile is the second collection for atelier oï PRIVÉ, highlighting a series of limited-edition artworks made of leather. Collaborating with an Italian tannery, Conceria Prima in Tuscany, atelier oï’s objective is to let the material speak for itself. The Italian calf-leather is certified, confirming the origin and treatment of the raw material in the country - "Made in Italy". The preciousness and durability of the work is underlined by the aim to only produce the quantity just needed and to see the objects as investments to keep for life and potentially even for the generation to follow.
After the professional production, cutting and coloring of the leather by the tannery, the final part of the production process is "Made at Moïtel", by the hands of the atelier oï team in La Neuveville.

Unique shaping techniques guide the material through transformation in a way which brings to life its real nature. This process leads to iconic shapes and emphasizes the interplay between the smooth- and rough-sides of the leather material. This own, artisan completion allows Collection Tactile to exemplify atelier oï’s personal vision even more purely.
The collection’s name, Tactile, references the importance of the sense of touch and the tangible perception of materials by touching and transforming them.



The leather mobile Aves is the first work within Collection Tactile and is derived from the Latin word for birds. By shaping the leather in this particular way, the rough- and smooth-sides of the leather intertwine and create the centerpiece of the artwork. Aves is composed of 5 different sized leather elements, connected in a way to create a balanced appearance and the illusion of flying. Natural movement, created through the smallest air flow, brings the mobile to life in a moment of nature and magic.
The three launch colors celebrate the natural shades of autumn – colors which bring warmth into any space across all seasons.

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atelier oï and Bruno Wickart jointly launche a limited-edition version of the leather mobile Aves - atelier oï PRIVÉ for Bruno Wickart. This exclusive series is created in a grey leather color with a red border, alluding to the Bruno Wickart brand color.

An installation of the Aves leather mobile can be admired in the entrance and staircase area of Bruno Wickart at The Circle in Zürich airport. The surrounding staircase invites visitors to view and experience the art installation from different perspectives and allows the viewer a moment of calming nature in the midst of architecture and bustling activity.

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Collection Tactile will be completed with additional artworks launched in 2022, further using craftsmanship to explore and celebrate both the natural world and the beauty of leather.

Stay tuned 2022 for this next exciting leather artwork!