2021 - atelier oï‘s 30th anniversary!

At atelier oï, we draw inspiration from nature and hence celebrate nature‘s seasons. Therefore, we announce this special occasion on the very first day of Spring:

2021 is atelier oï‘s 30th anniversary!

In the figure 30, we especially see the chance to drop the 3 and restart to 0. We use this moment to restart a new cycle, just as nature shows us every year. In this sense, we continue to create, design, produce and enrich at full speed and force.

Be prepared, 2021 will be filled with numerous highlights that we look forward to sharing with you.

Over the course of the next weeks, we will start out by letting you discover atelier oï‘s fundamentals, values and philosophy – the basis for our history as well as our future.

In the next months we will present to you our newest non-profit project for Smiling Gecko as well as the launch of atelier oï PRIVÉ, our very own collection that we previewed end of last year.

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